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tv   New Day  CNN  December 23, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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what does it mean to the authorities in germany about how he got there and who else may be involved. >> well, chris, this is what we know so far as far as anis amri at this christmas market with that truck of 25 tons on this christmas market on maebd. he fled and then made his way to southeastern france and it is from there that he took a train to the central station of milan early this morning. from there, he took another train to a suburb just outside of central milan. that is where police saw him and asked him for his identity papers. this seems like it was completely by accident that they found him, they met him. instead of pulling out his papers, he pulled outa gun a .22 caliber pistol and started firing. he shot one of the italian police in the shoulder.
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another police agent shot back and killed him. the italian interior minister says without a doubt this is anis amri. we are not sure how he was identified but they did have his fingerprints off of the truck here at the market to go from. chris? >> all right, chris, thank you very much. stay with us to weigh in on this conversation. let's bring in cnn terrorism analyst and editor and chief paul crookshank. and we have counterterrorism analyst phil mudd. phil, you and i have been corresponding off camera here about the reporting. the concern is it's not just this guy. not just this market and you have different countries now weighing in on what the plots could be, how these are related and who's responsible for this guy getting that far away, even french intelligence authorities saying he must have gone through france to get to italy. did he go through pairs and did we miss him, too? what is your take? >> well, yeah, he went through france.
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we know that now and then by train to italy, a country he spent quite a few years in and was imprisoned in for quite a few years, as well. he could have been wearing a baseball cap, some sunglasses, something to disguise himself. that made it easier for him to travel all the way to italy from germany, despite being the most wanted man in europe. it remains to be seen whether he was getting help from this isis recruitment a logistical network he was part of inside germany. a lot of questions, why did he go back to italy, a country he spent all that time in. was he on his way to the middle east perhaps in an attempt to join isis as a sort of all conquering hero in his imagination. he had been desperate to go and join them last christmas and had been prevented from doing that. there are a lot of questions on how he managed to get all the way to italy. could he have been wanting to
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launch another attack, perhaps in italy, a country that imprisoned him for all those years? he still had a gun if he wanted to go and hijack another truck. it's far from clear, though, chris. we'll never know the answers given that he is now deceased. >> so, phil, sometimes law enforcement, as you know, get their man through investigation and sometimes they get lucky. and today, this one, seems like a lucky break. you're disagreeing. why? >> there is no luck in this business. the man went down. give the law enforcement guys some credit. >> i think that is great. >> one of the things we talk about in this country, seriously. if you look in new york city where you are. if you see something, say something. two options for this individual and this case. go to what you know. the people who radicalize you and the people who have a network of individuals who try to funnel terrorists into syria or go to what you don't know.
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hoping that somebody sees you and hoping that somebody sees something unusual. in this case, law enforcement is trained to say if you see something unusual outside of a train station, stop them. some luck involved here and great policing in terms of saying if something looks odd, especially in this tense situation, do something about it. same thing i'd say for new york city, alisyn. >> a lot of unknowns here still. was this attached to other ones? are there other people involved in this plot that may be involved in other ones. ben wedemen that takes us to italy. they have been very cautious not to give out too many details with this altercation with this suspect because nay say this is a broader investigation. what could that mean? >> well, probably what that means is that, indeed, there were individuals to whom amri was going to. he spent several years in italy. arrived in the beginning of 2011. spent years in prison. six prisons in total in southern
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italy. he had context. he knew people and it's widely believed he was radicalized during his stay in the italian prisons. therefore, clearly, he was returning to where the part of europe he knew best. that was italy. now, the question is, why did he, when he arrived in milan at the central train station, why did he go to this train station on the outskirts of milan. this is probably the lead investigators are pursuing, he knew someone. he had a contact in that working class neighborhood. and, clearly, they want to get to the bottom of that. but, italian intelligence has decades of experience following terrorist organizations. going back to the 1970s with the red brigades. during the '80s there was a
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problem with palestinian terrorist organizations. hard far right extremists groups operating here. the italians have a lot of experience in dealing with a variety of kinds of terrorists. and this is really very much within the context of what they have been working with for years. so, yes, they're clearly running up these leads and this neighborhood outside milan is one area they're going to look very closely at. >> about those leads. paul you were reporting active raids happening in different towns and cities. what is happening with the wider network that he was connected to? >> well, there were two arrests of two kosovo nationals overnight in northwestern germany in the exact same area where this isis recruitment network the abu walaa network was most active trying to brainwash youngsters and to
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recruit them for isis. those two individuals, according to german investigators, were potentially planning to launch an attack on one of the largest shopping mauls in europe, in that area of northwestern germany. and, also, potentially, against a christmas market. so, they may well have had a connection to the berlin attacker because they were operating from the same area. an area where this abu walaa recruitment network has radicalized towards violence. a generation of young german extremists. this is a reminder that the system is blinking red when it comes to the terrorism threat in europe right now. it's really all across western europe. you think of belgium, holland, the uk, france, italy, spain. we could see something happening in any one of those countries
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and more. isis are putting out a clarion call for their sympathizers in the west and any opportunity to get in there and launch attacks during the holiday season. because they think that's going traumatize western population and change the time when they're losing ground in syria and iraq. >> phil, quick lesson. any intel from here on what is going on at germany and italy and abroad? >> one question going forward. with somebody with this kind of background with characteristics that would put you in the top tier of terrorists. how did you prioritize him to the point that you missed this attack. there is a brotherhood amongst us intelligence professionals. but how did you decide this guy didn't deserve top priority? that's the lesson i want to learn. >> gentlemen, thank you for your reporting and, phil, your expertise. more breaking news right now. this out of malta, reports of a
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hijacked plane landing with more than 100 people onboard. let's get the latest from cnn foreign correspondent ian lee with the details. they're still onboard. is this still unfolding, ian? >> there was an internal flight when we are hearing the plane was hijacked. reuters is reporting that the hijackers refused for the plane to be landed in libya. it was diverted to malta. hearing from the prime minister that currently the security services have secured the area. not much details about what is going forward on the tarmac at this moment, but we do know that there was 111 passengers on the plane, according to the prime minister. 82 males, 28 females and one infa infant. the prime minister having an emergency meeting to discuss this ongoing situation. the plane coming from suba.
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a plane in southern libya that had recent turmoil. a conflict between two warring crimes. things to take and consider as this story develops. >> ian, do we know with any clarity what's happening on that plane right now? >> we don't. we haven't heard what is taking place. presumably there are negotiations taking place to get these people off the plane. but it is important to note that this plane was hijacked and the hijackers allowed it to land at an airport. so, going forward, this is something that we have seen in the past a man in egypt last year hijacked a plane. that plane landed in cypress. so, it rules out, well, it doesn't rule out, but it does make it seem less likely that he's are people intent on killing them. they may have some sort of political demands instead of just trying to carry out a terrorist act. >> understood. that's important. thank you, ian.
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>> also an interesting trajectory going from north africa off shore to malta. leaving an arab stronghold and then landing in a christian one. odd the circumstances. we'll see what that means. coming up, the latest on the shootout with the berlin attacker and more on that hijacked plane behind what could be the motive. also, president-elect donald trump taking to twitter on important policy issues. nuclear build up. israeli settlement. also now tweeting in defense of his son's fund-raising. next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. president-elect donald trump liked it use twitter and facebook during the election to get tredirectly to you. he is holding true now about sophisticated policy decisions, also. nuclear weapons he's talking about on twitter. military jet contracts. settlements in israel and what the u.s. should do before the u.n. these are heavy topics that are
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being dealt with in a very brief fashion. all still weeks before he is actually president of the united states. cnn's boris sanchez live at trump's vacation resort in mar-a-lago. chris? >> anyone who thought that donald trump might change his rhetoric on social media after the election in a series of eyebrow raising tweets yesterday, he proved them wrong. some very controversial tweets about international relations that are continuing a conversation about how the president-elect handles himself on social media. president-elect donald trump shaking up international relations weeks before taking the oath of office. on twitter, trump tweeting that the u.s. must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. bucking almost 50 years of historical precedent against
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nuclear. this pledge coming hours after vladimir putin spoke about strengthening russia's arsenal. a nuclear arms race. >> it's difficult taknow what to make of it all. we're committed to our new start obligations with russia and, again, maintaining a strong nuclear deterrent here in the united states. >> reporter: trump's team attempting to clarify the president-elect's tweet hours later. he actually meant he wanted to prevent the threat of nuclear proliferation. the opposite of what he initially tweeted. trump also openly undermining president obama and signaling a major shift in diplomatic policy in another unprecedented move via social media. calling for the obama administration to veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning izraissi settlement. the israeli government reached out to trump directly asking him
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to intervene. the egyptian president putting the vote on hold after taking a call from the president-elect. >> nobody here felt boxed in from a tweet from the president-elect and he's perfectly entitled to express his views on these kinds of things. >> reporter: trump then using twitter to take aim at a major american company. defense contractor lockheed martin, threatening to replace the pentagon's costly new f-35 fighter made by lockheed with a less expensive plane made by boeing. costing lockheed martin and its shareholders millions in market value. despite backlash, trump's team signaling that the president-elect will continue his use of twitter. >> he has a direct pipeline to the american people. to talk to them in a way that no one's done before. i think it's fascinating. >> now, i should tell you, alisyn. there is a report that trump responded to questions about that tweet to a journalist on another network saying, "let it be an arm's race.
4:19 am
we will outmatch them at every pass. interestingly this comes just a few hours after vladimir putin's state of the union press conference in russia, in which he said that trump's comments about nuclear armeorment are nothing new. >> you have given ocelot to talk about. joining me now is the democratic senator from delaware who sits on the committee on foreign relations. good morning, senator. >> good morning, alisyn. >> let's talk about mr. trump's tweets that have caused quite a stir this morning. let's just start with what he is saying about the nuclear arsenal. he is tweeting the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. how do you interpret that, senator? >> alisyn, this is just remarkable. demonstrating donald trump's ability to grab the wheel of the bus and jerk it sharply right or
4:20 am
left and then really dominate the news of the day. but i think the american people deserve a more thoughtful and deliberate consideration of something as fundament to our safety and security as nuclear proliferation than 140-character tweet in the middle of the night. my advice to president-elect trump is put down the phone and start getting your daily briefings and consult with professionals. we have spent decades reducing the size of russia's nuclear arsenal and our nuclear arsenal. nuclear nonproliferation has been at the core under presidents of both administrations, of both parties. so, my hope is that this administration will take a slightly more settled, seasoned view of an issue as dangerous and difficult as expanding our nuclear arsenal. >> why do you have hope about that? i mean, given -- i mean, you
4:21 am
know -- >> because i choose to. >> yeah. i mean, senator, this is what is confusing and certainly confusing to cover because the transition team after he sent out this tweet. his transition team said, whoa, he meant to prevent any nuclear action. they were doing what you suggested and taking a more measured tone and then this morning on a different morning show mr. trump called in to sean spicer and sean spicer related it to the host who then said that actually what he said was let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every pass. now, this was a game of telephone. so, it's hard to know here, senator, what to take literally. >> well, alisyn, in international relations as in business, predictability is important. and conducting foreign relations by tweet in the middle of the night without consulting national security advisors. without preparing them carefully can lead to dramatic and dangerous misunderstandings
4:22 am
around the world. what i've always heard -- senator, i hear you. >> that's exactly what's happening. >> i understand that's what you want. you want a more measured approach, but that's not happening. these things are being tweeted out. how does congress respond? >> well, my hope is that the foreign relations committee will begin to communicate with the senior leaders of the trump administration, rex tillerson and others as they come in about the dangers that this is posing to the united states position in the world. kellyanne conway, the third campaign manager for donald trump was successful in no small part in the last weeks of the campaign because she got him to stop tweeting in the middle of the night. you may remember the 3:00 a.m. twitter war he got in with the former misu eer miss universe a that harmed his standing in the election weeks before the election. in the last weeks of the election, he largely stopped doing this. my concern is that this unsettle
4:23 am
our allies and we're dealing with a very dangerous world where there is a lot of developing crises and we can't have a president who tweets one thing at 5:00 a.m. and then his press people walk it back at 7:00 a.m. and then he tweets something else at 9:00 a.m. and his secretary of state walks it back at 10:00 a.m. that will just lead to chaos in oour international relations. and i'll remind you just in the last 48 hours, he's tweeted something defending his sons. he ran, criticizing hillary clinton for what he called the pay to play politics of the clinton foundation. yet his own sons have been caught up in a similar potential entanglement that they have appropriately walked back. the difference between the f-35 and the super hornet. he clearly misunderstands the significance difference between a latest generation fighter attack jet and something now that is decades old. i am very concerned about how
4:24 am
the president-elect is conducting himself and if i have one piece of advice for him. put the phone down and stop tweeting about vital national security issues. >> we will get into the latest wrinkles with his sons and any conflict of interest in our next. the president eis already starting to set policy before he's inaugurated. >> of course. he's already setting policy in area wheres i don't believe he is thoroughly briefed and i don't think he had the benefit of the advice of the career professionals in the department of defense and the intelligence community and the state department. by all accounts, he's skipping briefings in the transition team has not made as much progress as they should in terms of connecting to these important, nonpartisan career professionals. he was tweeting about the u.n. resolution and trying to affect u.s. policy under president obama just in recent days. and in your earlier segment you reported that the prime minister of israel reached out to the
4:25 am
president-elect to get him to try and influence actions at the united nations. we should only have one president at a time and i do think, although i also support the idea that we should veto that resolution at the u.n., i think we needed to give the administration, the obama administration, the current white house time to absorb what was happening at the u.n. they were supposed that the egyptians introduced that resolution. it has now been successfully pulled back. frankly in the remaining weeks until he becomes president at the inaug recall, my hope is that he will stop tweeting on international members and focus on filling out his cabinet and the important transition matters in front of him. >> senator chris coons, thank you very much. happy holidays. >> thank you, alisyn. more of the president-elect's tweet making a big impact. how his words have cost a u.s. company billions overnight. that's next. that's me.
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president-elect trump's twitter habits taking his message around the world in 140 characters or fewer. and that creates a lot of controversy. joining us now is cnn political commentator and assistant editor of "the washington post" david and david drucker. we have two actor cases to deal with, gentlemen. let's start with what just happened this morning. there is a tweet about nuclear arms and building them up until the world comes to its senses about nukes which is, of course, a paradox within its own tweet. then sean spicer is on msnbc's morning show. he's on the phone with the president-elect. the co-host gets a chance to talk to the president-elect and he supposedly says let it be an arm's race. we will outmatch them at every pass. now, this is a complicated thing
4:29 am
to cover because did he mean this answer as an official statement or was he talking to a friend on the phone after an interview with his press secretary. but what do you make of this mode of communication? >> so, if the latest statement was let it be an arms race, that is already really ratcheting it up from the tweet. >> again, be it fair. was he talking to someone he considers a friendly and not meaning as a policy -- that's what's weird about talking to someone in their pajamas. >> that is a possibility and we need to know more information. one of the things the president-elect needs to get his hands around a little more these won't be thought bubbles or campaign slogans, people looking to his statements to see what the policy of the united states is. if you go back to that tweet. i read it as a sort of peace through strength type of statement. the problem is that 140 characters or a comment to another journalist on the phone doesn't give people a clear picture. allies, adversaries and the american people and a clear
4:30 am
picture of what you're trying to do. one thing it doesn't tell us, for instance, is that we're already undergoing a nuclear arsenal to the tune of billions of dollars. >> for people who missed his tweet, i'll just read it. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. how do you interpret that? >> how do i interpret that? i have no idea how to interpret that. it could mean we need to upgrade our nuclear arsenal. we know that from a lot of reporting -- >> we are already doing that, yes? >> right. you're asking me to shrink the president-elect and i'm not inside of his head. not sure if he is trying to send a message to putin or north korea or china about the fact that we will not back down and we will continue to use our nuclear arsenal as a deterrent. doing so has worked very effectively over years in
4:31 am
american history. one of the reasons we won the cold war. able to outlast the russians both militarily and financially because they could not keep up. the reason we're all trying to figure this out is the president-elect has been on every side of this issue throughout the campaign and even up until now. at times he has talked about allowing other countries to have their own nuclear arsenals and countries that currently do not and as a matter of policy both republicans and democrats have always found it better for us to be in control of nuclear weapons and not even other democracies that we deal with. now he's talked about wanting to get rid of nuclear weapons and now talking about a build up. this is the sort of thing that is helpful for our allies and even domestically our policymakers to understand exactly what he's talking about. could be positive aspects to this. could be negative aspects to this. we just don't know. >> as this get out that he said on the phone let this be an arm's race and let's wait until
4:32 am
we hear from his people what the context is. sometimes even a president-elect or a president can speak one way to a friend on the phone and not mean it as a policy statement. we don't know yet. we'll have to learn more about that. here's one that is more clear where you don't have to shrink his head, as you say, david, but go on facts. he sent a couple tweets about his son and his son's charitable efforts in the context of what was just relegaled as, i don't know, a potential sham around the inauguration. my wonderful son, eric, will no longer be able to raise money for children with cancer. isn't this a ridiculous shame? he loves these kids. raised millions of dollars for them and now must stop. wrong answer. now, mr. swerdily, one, there is no conflict possible conflict of interest. what was reveal by the center of public integrity is not about
4:33 am
raising money for kids. it was supposed to go to conservation charities, according to the invitation. what do you make of these tweets? defending the son, of course. but this way. >> trump is going to lash back at the criticism that these conflicts of interest exists and that the press is following up on these. i think here is the bigger picture challenge for the trump transition and the trump donald campaigning for president, he put out there a very basic idea that most people can go along with. he was going to run the country and his kids were going to run the trump organization and there was going to be separation. when you have the instances that the foundation is raising money. say, for instance, auctioning off a coffee with ivanka trump or some of the other instances that you pointed out. this blurs the line, as you said, not just sort of pretend conflicts of interest. conflicts of interest are real and this presents a problem for them. >> you can raise money for kids all day. a beautiful thing to do.
4:34 am
you don't want to do it by selling access to the president. >> david drucker, very quick thought. >> this is one of my favorite games. what if clinton did. trump, of course, was quick to point out and call it pay to play. it's all a sham and everybody knows that trump's kids are not just his kids. they're grown adults, number one. number two, among his key advisors. his closeste advisoradvisors. people want access to the president and try to sell it as otherwise is just disingenuous. >> thank you very much. coming up, we are monitoring two big breaking stories. the suspected christmas market terrorist has been killed in a shootout in milan. we'll tell you what happened and how police finally zeroed in on him. then we are watching this apparent plane hijacking. a plane leaving malta, it's been diverted to malta. >> a libyan flight was diverted by hijackers.
4:35 am
>> on the tarmac in malta. we'll tell you about what we know is happening on that plane, next. crest complete presents sugar shield
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go pro with... ...crest pro-health mouthwash. checkup? nailed it. this is cnn breaking news. all right. we are staying on top of breaking news. a manhunt that has been going on for the christmas market attack suspect. it has ended with a shootout near milan in italy. investigators say anis amri pulled a gun when asked for information and opened fire. hit a police officer, we are told, and then the officer shot and killed the suspect. cnn foreign correspondent ben wedemen joins us live in rome with what we've learned. this is part italian authorities say of a broader investigation. we are thinking at this point that involves, who did he know in italy where he had been in jail for some time and how did he get there and who else may have been involved. what are you learning on the ground, ben? >> well, we're getting more
4:39 am
details about what exactly happened at around 3:00 in the morning in this working class suburb of milan. we understand from the head of police in milan that this was an ordinary routine, just check for papers outside this train station. now, when they thought he was reaching for his i.d. or his passport he pulled out a .22 caliber pistol shooting one of the police officers in the shoulder. then he ran behind a car and continued to fire on the italian police officers there. but one of the officers managed to get behind the car, shot amri twice. once fatally in the chest. now, they say that they found on his body not only, a small knife as well as several hundred euroeuro s, which at the exchange rate is several hundred dollars.
4:40 am
when he was stopped by this police patrol he was by himself. but the question is, what was he doing in this suburb of milan. he took this train from germany to france and then to the southern train station in milan and then to this working class neighborhood and they want to know why he specifically went there. at this point, they're not saying what they think. >> still so many questions. ben, i'll take it. thank you for your reporting. more breaking news to follow. this one out of malta. a hijacked plane sitting on the tarmac there with 111 people onboard. let's bring in cnn foreign correspondent ian lee. what have you learned, ian? >> alisyn, right gnaw they're trying to figure out the demands of the hijackers on this plane. 28 females and 1 infant according to the prime minister of malta.
4:41 am
this was an internal libyan flight going from the south of the country to tripoli in the north when the hijackers took it. we're hearing from reuters that the pilots wanted to land the plane in libya. the hijackers refused and the plane was diverted to malta. an airbus a-320 right now on the tarmac. there are security forces there trying to determine the best way to move forward. obviously, we're hearing from politicians from malta saying they hope this ends peacefully. that is the main goal right now. they want to figure out what these hijackers want. i think it's important to point out that these are people who have demands who want to use them to get what they need. this is not what we've seen in the past where you have terrorist acts or people just trying to commit mass casualties. so, that is what these officials right now in malta are trying to
4:42 am
determine what these people want so it can end peacefully. >> ian, thank you very much. stay on that situation and come when there are developments. we'll watch it throughout the morning. big story back here at home. a video that has gone viral and for good reason. a mother calls 911 and says that the neighbor just assaulted her 7-year-old boy. the boy, why? well supposedly the neighbor was upset about the kid littering on his lawn. the officer gets there, talks to the neighborhood and goes to talk to the mom and winds up arresting her. here's what happened next. >> you don't know what i teach him. what you teach your kids you don't know when they're in your sight. >> you keep yelling at me. >> we are live. go.
4:43 am
>> obviously, somebody there was with a cell phone video. the mother and two of her daughters have been taken into custody and since released from the jail. let's bring in retired nypd chief of the department chief banks. we hear the officer is on administrative leave and internal affairs is investigating. what is your reaction to the video? >> when i first saw the video, shocking, disgraceful, deplorable, i could go on and on. police officers are trained at our core to de-escalate a situation. they're expected to go to situations where tensions are going to be very high. >> what is he not doing right, chief? >> he escalated it. i thought the situation was under control. i thought the mother was articulating the reason why she was calling. i think that he brought a partisan mindset and an attitude to this particular scene and he took a routine assignment and he completely escalated that situation. >> is tradoes training involve s
4:44 am
type of situation especially where a kid is involved, questioning why the kid wound up in that situation? >> i never heard of a situation where you would challenge a parent about why don't you teach your children -- none whatsoever. it doesn't happen in new york and i doubt if it happens in texas, as well. no, not at all. >> one of the important things is you don't judge all by some. that happens a lot in policing situations. what is your word about what needs to be done here to enforce the proper police procedure and also to deal with the community policing aspect? >> the leaders in law enforcement have to understand one thing. when you have situations like this what goes through the mind of the community are what are the actions that took place prior to this. this officer was in many situations before and the attitude that he brought and his whole demeanor and actions, this is not the first time he did it. the question becomes, what was done before and what should be done with the systems in place to determine and detect that
4:45 am
type of attitude. we have these predictive policing and all types of methods to determine crime before it happens and before it escalates. we need to take some of those models and put it into actually policing our own and not only the 7-year-old and the mother and daughter victims, but the police officers who go out and do their job every single day. they become victims, as well, because they're lumped in with an officer who certainly did not perform his job as suspected. >> do you agree with and think the department there is doing the right thing in terms of how they're addressing it? >> what i'm understanding what they're doing is what i am reading in the paper. if that is accurate, it looks like they are. i would caution them that people are hearing all the time we're doing an investigation. wait until the investigation is over. to a lot of people's minds, that's a code word for saying, give us time so we can find our department as less at fault as possible. do it as expeditiously as you possibly can. >> that's why we cover these
4:46 am
stories. hopefully the light creates an urgency and comes out the way justice demands. one other quick thing about this is that in this kind of situation you're going to see black and white and that is going to trigger something. what is your perspective on that. when people want to judge this situation on the basis of race, what do you say? >> that's just the norm we live in. we live in a racist society. but i would say to a lot of individuals and i may take, bad policing happens to all people regardless of their color. do i believe that it happens a lot more to african-americans and latinos? absolutely. but bad policing is bad policing and certainly has to be rooted pout. >> chief, we'll stay on this story. we're going to take a break. when we come back, all the talk during the election was about truth. we post truth and all that other kind of spin.
4:47 am
politifact will reveal its picks for the biggest lies of the year. next.
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three youngsters known as the engelwood angels, they were found living in squalor, and now they are starting to find their wings. police and the community coming together to raise more than $100,000 to give these girls a fresh start and a brighter future. ryan young explains in this edition of beyond the call of duty. >> three young girls from chicago are getting a fresh start at life. they're known as the engelwood angels, and the love they received now is all thanks to one 911 call. >> i get notified that we have a situation where there's some children left alone inside this abandoned building. >> reporter: inside the home, the sergeant says the girl, 7, 2, 1 sat together with nothing but each other.
4:51 am
>> they're all huddled up together in the bedroom, on a very dirty mattress that's inside one of the bedrooms there. the whole house was very uninhabitable. there was no running water, no heat, no electricity. dirty garbage spread throughout the apartment. >> reporter: the father was accused of striking his children, and charged with eight counts of battery. he has pleaded not guilty. the mother's role in the children's lives is unclear. it's also not clear how long the girls had been abandoned. but officers found the girls' grandmother dolores anderson, who hadn't seen her grand kids in years. anderson says she quit her jobs to take full-time care of the girls. >> they were very small. they hadn't been bathed in awhile. they weren't used to real food at first. >> despite finding a loving home, officers wanted to help even more. so they started stopping by the apartment to check on the
4:52 am
children, bringing furniture and other donated items. a go fund me page they established raised over $100,000. >> i have two daughters myself. so it just, it was heartbreaking to see them and the conditions that they were living in. so, yeah, so we just knew that we needed to do something more for them. >> we initially started bringing over some milk and some diapers. >> the oldest child, who is now eight, had never, ever attended school. the officers helped to get her enrolled. a christmas blessing. she doesn't know color or rank but just love and lots of caring. >> they care. and for everybody to reach out to donate what they can, food, money, clothing for the girls, and they try to help me, too, but i don't want anything. as long as my babies okay, then i got a roof over their head, i'm fine. >> reporter: ryan young, cnn, chicago. >> important story our thanks to
4:53 am
ryan young. you're going to want to stay with us this morning because there is new information coming out of that hijacking in malta. there's word that there may be people getting off that plane. we're going to get to it in just a moment. right now, we're going to get back to american politics with fact checking website polite fact has revealed its biggest lies of 2016. talking about a tough thing to condense. you may be surprised what made number one. it wasn't anything from donald trump or hillary clinton. joining us now to explain and reveal the choice is john greenberg staff writer for politifact. all right let's put up the list of the big five. please. now. would be nice. there they are. fake news. trump, large scale voter fraud exists. trump, i opponented the war in iraq. clinton, comey said i was truthful. clinton, i'm the only candidate wall street attacks. so tell us greenberg why did fake news get number one?
4:54 am
>> fake news got number one, because out really was the most insidious. and it was a new phenomenon. this is something that we haven't seen before on this scale. i mean, we've got, you know, the origins of all of this stuff, things that are floating around on the web. but, this was the season when it really took off, and it was crazy stuff. i mean, you've got hillary clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza shop down the block from where i live in washington, d.c. you've got the democrats who want to impose islamic law in florida. crazy stuff and it was just everywhere. we said this is really important, lie of the year, fake news. >> the whole phrase bothers me. i think it empowers and gives false dignity to the b.s. and people who don't like whatever they see in the news they can always say it's fake now. let's cherry pick a couple of
4:55 am
these. in terms of impact you have trump large scale voter fraud existed. why did you pick that one? because there's a lot of layers to that, right? during the campaign he was saying there's going to be a lot of fraud. then after it he said millions voted illegally. then when they started to have all the discrepancies between the popular vote and the electoral vote he started saying this was a clean election stop talking about any distinctions. >> you know, the reason this was a close runner-up for lie of the year is it goes to the trump that we have in one of our most basic institutions. if we can't trust the founding principle that our elections allow us to choose our leaders, then we're pretty broken down so when trump kept on saying there is massive voter fraud. and by the way there is zero evidence for massive voter fraud. i will go into all the details but i will spare you. there is no evidence for this. it will happen from time to
4:56 am
time, i mean by one study 31 instances out of a billion votes cast over a period of time. but you just go around talking about a fundamental institution this way it's not a good idea. >> especially when it's done for political expediency. then you have clintons. let's use the comey one. comey said i was truthful. this was big because it wound up being contradicted by the head of the fbi, and then he qualified that contradiction, but that was it. once the bell was rung, she had trouble. she said, the fbi agrees with me and they said no we don't. >> you know, what she specifically said that got her our famous pants on fire rating was that she said the fbi affirmed that what i told the public was truthful. specifically there were no -- her repeated claim that there were no classified details in her e-mail exchanges. well the problem was that comey was directly asked has she been
4:57 am
truthful with the pub link. she says i haven't looked into that. then the fbi report itself said that, yes, there was classified material, the fact, three instances of -- that were marked with a "c" as classified within those e-mails. so flat-out contradicting one of the fundamental assertions throughout that whole dispute. >> john greenberg. this is a good list. this is going to get a lot of buzz. people will say these shouldn't be on it. these should. i guess that's what you want out of it in the first place. accountability, fact checking. as important as ever. thanks for being with us. best to you and your family for the holy days. >> happy holidays. >> all right. we're following a lot of news. there is an active plane hijacking. there is a development in the german terror investigation. let's get right to it. >> this is cnn cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." we do have breaking news for you at this hour. first in malta. that's where some passengers
4:58 am
appear to be getting off a hijacked plane. >> now this is good news, if true, because the hijackers said they were armed with grenades. to just remind you how we got here. this plane took off in libya, was supposed to stay in libya, was diverted to malta. an island off the north coast of africa. let's get the very latest, bring in cnn foreign correspondent ian lee. is it true that people are getting off that plane and they are the passengers/hostages? >> well, chris, that's what we're seeing on live pictures. the stairway is next to this airbus 320 passengers are coming off now. we don't know how many passengers, who are these passengers coming off. i spoke with a spokesman from the foreign ministry who said that they are two hijackers on this plane. they are armed with grenades. they're threatening to blow it up. so far the foreign ministry spokesman hasn't been able to give me what the demands of these hijackers are. also, we don't know the
4:59 am
nationalities of the -- of the people who are on the plane. but right now there are negotiations under way conducted by the maltese armed forces. their main goal right now is to get, as we've seen, all those passengers off that plane, and for this to be resolved peacefully. >> ian, we're watching this live. do we see a man coming in and out. are we to assume that that airport -- an airplane officer? or a hijacker? >> right now we don't know. we do know that they're very active in trying to negotiate a peaceful solution to this. i think it's important to note that when you look at this sort of situation, and we've seen terrorist incidents in the past, terrorist organizations tending to blow up their planes in midflight to make the most amount of casualties. so the fact that these men landed this plane at the airport indicates that they are willing to negotiate, that this could
5:00 am
end peacefully, and right now, that is the goal of the armed forces, is to get everyone off that plane, and make sure that no one is killed in this operation. >> all right, ian. we know you're staying on it. we're watching those live pictures. do us a favor. monitor the picture. see if you can get some assessment and reporting of what this procedure is that we're seeing here. come back to us and we'll get to it, okay? all right. also breaking the manhunt is over for the berlin christmas market terror suspect. it ended not in germany, in italy. near milan. there was a shoot-out. officers shot and killed the suspect, we are told, an officer got hit as well. we get the latest from cnn's ben wedeman in rome. what do you know now about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, and the implications for this broader network that may be at play? >> chris, we understand from the italian police that at 3:00 in the morning outside a train station in the milan


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